Assistant Designer at Harriet Kelsall Bespoke Jewellery


"My main goal was to keep learning, to not give up on my creativity when it felt like there was not a place for it in the working world after university."

Equal Rights Campaigner


"I think I got to a stage of being woke where once you’re awake, you can’t fall back asleep to ignorance."



"Running my own business is so incredibly gratifying, and allows me to feel like I am in control of where my career will go"

Costume Trainee Standby and Maker


"As long as you enjoy the work, it will never really feel like a job."

Student at BPP Law School


"Just because you study law [,,] it doesn't mean giving up on living."

Founder of NGO Ekua Haizel

"You can be the boss, it’s not that hard."

UN Women Intern

"Be brave and stand up for yourself and other women."

University Students and App Creators


"There will always be something you can get involved with in technology"



"Be determined, be ambitious, be your authentic self and love what you do!"

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