The Top Five Female Entrepreneurs You’ve Probably Never Heard Of

…by name, that is. By trade these workin’ girls have become a bit of a big deal. These are a few of the ladies who have been slaying the entrepreneurial scene in a range of sectors and professions over the past few years, and they’re definitely worth a google if you’re looking for some career inspo, and/or new connections on LinkedIn.

1. Angelica Malin

After graduating from the University of Bristol in 2013, 25-year-old Angelica Malin has gone on to build up, an online resource with the tagline ‘anything it’s about time you tried in London and beyond’. It basically covers anything anyone would want to know about London living – places to see, where to eat and who makes the best cocktails. The website has become a bit of a big deal, as has Malin herself – she was writing for The Telegraph during her uni days, publishing an article all about being a student entrepreneur. Definitely one to look up if you want some inspo r/e starting your own business, particularly in the spheres of journalism, marketing etc.

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2. Holly Tucker & Sophie Cornish

The women behind Apparently, they came up with the idea quite literally over a brew round Holly’s kitchen table one day. They first met whilst working for Publicis magazine back in the ‘90s, and both of these women have fairly impressive CVs to their names. Since building their multi-million pound empire, Holly has also set up her own charity, Happy Bricks Foundation, which has helped to build a school in Tanzania and fund other projects in the area.

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3. Kalki Subramaniam

Known most notably for being a Transgender Rights Activist, Kalki founded the Sahodari Foundation in 2008, an organisation which advocates for transgender people in India. She also happens to have two post-graduate degrees, one in Mass Communication and another in International Relations, and was chosen by Facebook as one of the 12 Most Inspiring Women in the world.

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4. Legacy Russell

The ‘Art It Girl’, according to her reputation. Legacy was born in Manhattan but now lives and works in London. After obtaining a degree from Goldsmiths, she went on to work for, running their gallery alongside her own site She uses her passion for art to make a statement, even coining the theory ‘Glitch Feminism’, which is all about the socio-techno constructs of gender and sexuality. In her spare time, she dabbles in journalism for some of the biggest art magazines around and runs a couple of different projects through her site. This gal has really carved a name for herself in the art industry and it looks like there’s great things ahead.

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5. Amber Atherton

If you watch Made In Chelsea, you’ll probs already be in the loop with this gal. Amber co-created the show, as well as appearing in the early seasons. She’s had internships at Vogue and Hermes. In 2011, British Vogue voted her 5th “Most Powerful Person in Digital Fashion”. She started up her own website when she was just 10 years old, making her first sales in books and CDs. Then in 2016, she sold her e-commerce company My Flash Trash for just shy of two million. And she’s only 26.

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