Editor's Note - February Edition

Hello everyone and a very happy March to you all!

February has been and gone so very quickly and it is already time for my very first Editor's post with She Works. It has been a really busy one for She Works this February. We have produced a huge range of content over the last month from our very own Lily Ford’s narration of her interesting experience with an Oxbridge application to photographers, business women and designers. We had a jam packed month and we couldn’t be happier. We are even more pleased to announce that the month of February has been the highest reach ever for the She Works website and we can’t thank our audience enough for staying updated with us as we grow. I also have to say a huge thank you to the She Works team for working so hard over the last few weeks. The content just keeps coming and it wouldn’t be the same without the hard work of the Interns.

We entered the month of February with an almighty bang with CEO and entrepreneur Paola Diana. Her interview was an insight into everything you needed to know about politics, maternity discrimination and why we need more women in the world of business, and you guys loved it with it being one of the most viewed interviews this month!

We also had a great interview with Temporary Assistant Chief Constable for West Yorkshire Police Angela Williams who talked about why more women are joining the police force and the benefits of her role.

Our interviews didn’t stop there, we had Grad-U-At Emily Brunton a trainee Patent Attorney who gave us an insight into her day to day life, WTW Lily Bailie a trainee costume maker and WTW Emily Aston who informs us on her new adventures as a business woman and photographer.

We have had some great content this month with a huge variety of different feature articles on careers advice and general job experiences from women entering the working world. Check out all of our feature articles here.

I have had a great first month at She Works and I am so excited for what’s to come, hint hint, we have an amazing collab on it’s way and it’s about to get goooooooood. Stayed tuned!

Polly xox