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Hello there, in this weeks CV Boost I want to talk to you about CPD, an acronym we've probably all seen thrown around the HR department but one I think too few of us take seriously. That is Continuing Professional Development. The idea of CPD is to allow and encourage employees to grow and develop as their career progresses. It also ensures that our knowledge remains up to date with industry changes and that we are as efficient as possible in our jobs.

CPD can come in many forms and it's worth finding out what your employer can offer to you. Here are some examples:

In House Learning - One of the more common forms of CPD but one that people often forget about. We've all had days when we've been dragged in early for training to be told things we already know. But next time sip your morning coffee with delight, if your employer is holding these kinds of training sessions, it means they value CPD and you can use this as a springboard to ask for more in a subject you might feel is more relevant to your specific goals.

Professional Activity - These kinds of CPD can be a little bit harder to pin down. But depending on your industry, chances are there will be some kind of Professional Body, for example The Institute of Civil Engineers. or the Recruitment and Employment Confederation. Most of these will have rewarding channels through which you can get involved and gain recognition for your work. This is a great way to beef up that CV and also make contacts within the industry.

Formal/Educational - A bit more obvious, these are qualifications/accreditations you study towards alongside your work. For example, you could be working in the broad industry of Financial Services whilst studying to take your CeMAP tests. These tests are what allow you to become a fully qualified mortgage adviser. For these kinds of Formal CPD I recommend asking around people in your industry as to what will be most relevant and most beneficial to yourself. Definitely speak to your employer as not only does this show you are driven and wanting to better yourself but some employers have dedicated resources which you may be entitled to use!

There are many other forms CPD can take, whether its self-directed, taking an extra five minutes to do some reading instead of flicking through BBC News or volunteering to take on extra responsibility. Little changes can make a big difference. CPD is important to every career so try and look for some ways in which you can better yourself. Ask is there a particular area of something you're interested in and want to know more about? Or maybe take it a step further, where is your knowledge weakest and how could you improve? Whatever your reason CPD will make you better at your job and more employable in the future. So it's worth making time for.

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