We are looking to expand our website She Works by opening more intern positions and introducing another editor position to our ranks!

As an intern, you will be involved with:

- Arranging, transcribing and editing interviews with women in many interesting careers;

- Helping with social media, e.g. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram;

- Working closely with the Editor-in-Chief and Assistant Editor to develop and improve the website;

- Writing regular features for our features page;

- Have the opportunity to travel around the country speaking at major events for female careers.

The role allows you to pick and choose what you'd like to get involved with - our internships, whilst lending us a helping hand, are mostly for you to develop the skills you would like to put on your CV.

There is one editor position available - it involves all of the above responsibilities but with the added extra of looking after a group of interns.

Why She Works? You will:

- Gain valuable work experience from a worthwhile cause;

- Develop your journalistic skills with opportunities to interview, transcribe, write, edit and control the social media of our site;

- Do as much or as little as you want - while we expect some sort of weekly contribution to the site, we won't require hours of your time. An hour a week minimum would be grand;

- Meet some amazing, amazing women and pick up some brilliant life advice in the meantime.

This is a non-profit website, so no positions will be paid, but you get a tonne of fabulous experience on your CV and I'll write you a cracking reference whenever you need one.

Whilst the website is for women, applications are open to all gender identities, as long as you obviously have a strong interest in gender equality. We have a number of positions available, so you might as well give it a good shot.

If you would like to apply, please email: info@she-works.co.uk We will send you a short application form to fill out (nothing fancy, just to get an idea of you as a person).