Name: Sophie Nugent University: University of York Subject Studied: Psychology Current Job Title: HR Systems and Admin Assistant Company: Dr Oetker (UK) Ltd

Did you get a job straight out of uni? If so, how did you manage to get it?

Yes I did. I used my university internship bureau to find an internship in HR. This gave me some good experience to talk about in job applications and interviews. I started off looking online for jobs mainly on job boards. I then went to an agency that got me a temporary position at Dr. Oetker covering sickness. This lasted about a month, after which I got a different job. The person I was covering for came back for about a month, then left. My boss rang me and said I should apply for the job, so I did and I got it!

So what methods of job searching would you say were most useful for you?

I’d say the internship and the temping through the agency were the most useful as it gave me some really good experience that lead to other jobs. You can find lots on the internet but it’s sometimes harder to figure out what the job actually is. My advice would be: apply for everything and anything that sounds interesting.

Were there any extra-curricular activities you did at uni that you feel have really helped you now that you’re in the world of work?

Being President of the Trampoline Club at uni helped because it demonstrates ‘key skills’ like leadership and organisation.

Looking to the future, what is your career plan?

I’d like to carry on learning about HR and sort of progress up the career ladder if I can. Also run a pudding business…but that might be a bit of an offshoot!

Thinking outside the box now: three objects that sum up your personality?

I’m really awful at these questions. A trampoline because I have short bursts of energy, then get tired; [my boyfriend] has suggested a filing cabinet because I like order and making sure things have their place; an armchair because I can be structured (and stubborn) if I need to be but also caring and kind like the squishy hug you get from an armchair!