CV BOOST! The Top 5 Free Apps to Improve that CV

That’s right, get back on that phone, young lady, as you can gain more employable skills whilst staying glued to that tiny screen. Here is a list of the top apps you can download to increase those prospects - just don’t be flicking over to the Whatsapp group, now.


Learning a language has never been so adorable, with ultra quick feedback and a ‘3-lives’ setup for all the mini quizzes. Look in that little green owl’s face and don’t tell me you’re going to neglect your Portuguese lessons, huh? And if Portugal isn’t what you’re looking for, you can also learn Spanish, French, German, Italian, Dutch, Irish, Danish or Swedish. The French even managed to see me through a 2:1 in my first year of university (disclaimer: I had French lessons alongside it, but the app was more fun to play in bed rather than a 9am seminar.) Oui oui, por favor.

CV SKILLS: Language proficiency; Self-motivation; Willingness to learn new things.


A game? Am I serious right now? Hell yes I am, download this brain trainer and play your way to better cognitive abilities. Created by a selection of neuroscientists and game experts, these ‘workouts’ have you breaking a mental sweat in the comfort of your next TV show ad break. With over 40 different games, there is no chance you’ll get bored too easily and think of all things you’ll remember now from your recent vodka-fuelled night on the town with your new-and-improved memory!

CV SKILLS: Better memory; Developed problem-solving skills; Increased vocabulary; Probably some more neuroscience-y things like extra neurons or something.

BBC iPlayer Radio:

Next time you find yourself at a loose end, perhaps walking to Tesco’s or writing an article on top free apps, crack out your BBC iPlayer Radio app and listen to some BBC Radio 4: a wonderful source of news stories, plays, speeches, drama and educational treats. At 10am on a weekday, take a listen to Woman’s Hour, a radio programme for all you wonderful feminists out there.

CV SKILLS: Willingness to learn; Knowledge of current events; Opportunity to discover a new passion e.g. a certain writer or play.


If you’re anything like me, you’ll understand that there are few greater feelings in the world than crossing off the last item on a momentous To Do list. This app makes it all the more satisfying. It’s colour-coded. It’s got little icons. Just swipe right to get the job done and left if you’d really rather not right now - Tinder for the list-aphilia.

CV SKILLS: Organisation; Self-motivation; Productivity.


Okay, so this one isn’t entirely free, making this whole article an absolute fraud, but I’m trying to see how many people I can recommend it to since downloading it yesterday as I am obsessed. You, reader, will be my solid 7th. The app measures how productive you’re being, so you can use it whilst doing work or reading a book or even spending some quality one-on-one time with a friend. You set a time limit, then you have to keep the app open for the allotted time and, as you do so, a virtual tree grows in your virtual forest. If you leave the app to, I don’t know, ravage your Instagram Explore feed, the tree dies. You get a dead tree in your beautifully kept forest. The more trees you plant, the more coins you get, then you can unlock cooler trees with flowers or a treehouse (God, I even love writing about it). I’m not going to lie, I’ve got it going as I type this article. It’s a great way to get a visual representation of all the hard work you’ve put into a task, making it motivational and cute as hell. Even though it’s pricey in virtual coins, you can even ‘pay’ for a real tree to be planted somewhere in the world, making it environmentally worth it. I think £1.49 isn’t too shabby for all of that - take my money, Forest app, take it all.

CV SKILLS: Increased productivity; More work done looking for jobs/degrees/schools to slap on that CV.

These are all found on the App Store or Google Play. Do you know any other apps that you find useful on a day-to-day basis? Let me know - the more apps on my phone, the merrier.