Name: Hannah Deeks


  • Artisanal Baking (Advanced Diploma)

  • School of Artisan Food, North Nottinghamshire Graduated with Distinction (2014)

First Job: Confectionary Baker - Tom’s Cakes, Cambridgeshire

Did you go straight into work after studies?

Yep, it only took about two weeks to find a job - I'd had placements during the course which proved helpful as my now-boss used to work for one of my placement managers and [they] still have a great relationship.

How did you go about looking for work?

Mainly online, I think it was either or a bakery forum; I can’t remember which, annoyingly.

What do you love most about your job?

I love the freedom that I’ve been given to develop new products – and then the gratification you get when someone tries it for the first time and their face just lights up.

What career plans do you have for the future?

I want to open my own bakery/micro-bakery probably as a not-for-profit. With the idea that the money we make goes towards educating women in third world countries – if that’s still the pc term.

Which baked good do you think best represents you as a person and why?

A lemon meringue pie because it’s sharp, a little bit tart and yet still super smooth.

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