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Isabel Allende, Chilean-American writer, philanthropist and all-round inspiring woman.


Allende is a successful novelist, known for her vivid storytelling and use of magical realism. Her most widely known work is her debut novel The House of the Spirits, which became an instant bestseller. She worked a number of writing jobs prior to this and briefly worked translating romance novels from English to Spanish. She was, in fact, fired from this job for making unauthorised changes to the dialogue to make the female characters seem more intelligent and independent, demonstrating the strong feminist spirit that she would eventually bring to her own characters. Perhaps the most significant moment for her career was the news that her grandfather was dying. She began to write a letter to him that evolved into the manuscript for The House of the Spirits. She has now written over twenty books, including young adult fiction, memoirs and collections of short stories. She also set up the Isabel Allende Foundation in honour of her late daughter, which is dedicated to promoting and preserving economic and social justice for women.


Allende has said she “didn’t want a happy life but an interesting one” and hers could definitely be described as such. She faced many hardships in her life, living through a dangerous time of political turmoil in Chile and was forced to flee the country. Despite this, throughout the years she turned difficult life events into opportunities for something better. Being fired and her grandfather’s illness became catalysts for her career and after her novel was initially rejected, she still did not give up. Not only does she create the most wonderful works as a writer, but simply as a person she is someone I would consider a role model, radiating kindness, passion and brilliance. In regard to her foundation she said, “Women are 51% of humankind. Empowering them will change everything”, demonstrating the importance she places on equality for women and the fervour with which she approaches everything she puts her mind to. Her unwavering determination to achieve her goals and dedication to empowering women are among the many reasons I find her inspiring and why I believe others should be inspired by her too. She has an incredible spirit and drive and is a powerful testament to the fact that even the most difficult obstacles can be overcome if we persevere.

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