#WCE: Woman Crush Everyday - Vivienne Westwood


Vivienne Westwood. Fashion designer, businesswoman, activist, mother, badass. Oh, and she’s a Dame.


Vivienne Westwood was always interested in fashion. Wearing unusual clothes from a young age, her inventiveness destined her for the fashion world and took her all the way to the Harrow School of Art. Doubting the possibility of turning it into a career, Westwood dropped out and became a primary school teacher.

As 1970’s England saw a time of rebellion and a time of change, Westwood created the costumes for the movement that came to be known as Punk. Catapulting her onto the fashion radar, she went from strength to strength and is now considered one of Britain’s, and the world’s, greatest designers.

Her talent has extended into charity work and political activism and she has become infamous for her slogan t-shirts.


One of the most original and influential designers of the past four decades, Vivienne Westwood takes fashion where no other designer dares venture. Playing a vital role in Punk Rock in the 1970s, her designs combined a fearless unconformity with a sense of tradition, a notion she has applied to all of her collections since. Having won the award for British Fashion Designer of the Year in 1990, 1991 and 2006, Westwood’s success and influence have transformed her into a global icon. Manipulating, re-inventing, and shocking, the collections of Vivienne Westwood designs have shaped fashion and will continue to do so.

Vivienne Westwood is an inspiration for me because of her determination. She pursued her dreams, even when she doubted she could, and was unafraid to be herself, maintaining her individuality and sense of self in all that she did. She even dared to meet the Queen dressed in a pair of golden horns and wearing no underwear to collect her OBE, illustrating perfectly well behaved women rarely make history.

In the words of Vivienne Westwood, “You have a much better life if you wear impressive clothes.”

Image source: http://rankin.co.uk/portraits/vivienne-westwood/

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